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Lucky Star

Celebration Version 3.39


The original "IC" version uses the same edit points as the 1984 45 version, which enables all incoming synth sounds to be present by the time she starts singing. This "Celebration" mix uses different points ignoring this, so the edit point where she starts to sing is a little abrupt if you listen carefully. There is another difference at the very end of the track. Both mixes fade sooner than the original 45, but: At 3:22 after the "but I'm the luckiest by far" line, in the "Immaculate Collection" mix she sings "starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight..." as does the original 45. On the "Celebration" mix at that same point, the lyrics are "starlight, star bright, baby, starlight, star bright, stay by my side tonight...".
Review by Johann Freytag

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Contributed by lolo @ 2009-09-20 18:21:26