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Like a Virgin (Album)

Like a Virgin is the second studio album by American singer-songwriter Madonna, released on November 12, 1984 by Sire Records.

The album was re-released in 1985 world wide (not in North America) with the bonus track "Into the Groove".

In 2001, Warner Bros. released a remastered version with two bonus remix tracks (this version did not include "Into the Groove").

The RIAA certified it Diamond on May 21, 1998, recognizing ten million shipments in the United States. Worldwide, the album has sold over 21 million copies.


Original release

Reissue including Into the Groove

Following the success of "Into the Groove", the Like a Virgin album was reissued in selected territories (but not the USA), including the song as an extra track.

The First Album/Like a Virgin "Two on One"

Remastered edition

A remastered edition of the album was released in 2001, including 2 bonus tracks: Like a Virgin (Extended Dance Remix) & Material Girl (Extended Dance Remix).


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