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Madonna's very first commercially available single, "Everybody," was one of the tunes that got her signed to Sire Records. Written by Madonna, it was included on her four-track demo tape and eventually found its way to her 1983 debut album. The 12" vinyl single was released in the fall of 1982 and upon its debut on Billboard's Dance/Disco Top 80 chart, the magazine's "Dance Trax" columnist Brian Chin reviewed the single. He wrote: "Madonna, a young New York duo (??) produced by DJ Mark Kamins, has released a commercial 12-inch on Sire, called 'Everybody'; previewed favorably on clubs and radio, the spare, bright cut has a relaxing quality at home listening levels, but somehow sounds much harder-edged in the club." The video that accompanied the single was a low-budget affair, and featured Madonna performing the track with dancers Christopher Ciccone (her brother) and Erica Bell. "Everybody" would reach No. 3 on the chart, beginning Madonna's unparalleled domination of Billboard's dance charts for the next 20 years.


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